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Indian Head Massage Diploma 

Only £149

Coming Soon 

Course time 11:00-15:45



This Diploma will not only give you the opportunity to become an Indian head masseur/masseuse it will also provide you with an in depth knowledge of Anatomy & Physiology via our 64 page Anatomy & Physiology Module which you must study for a minimum of 1 week before your attendance.


You will be sent this Module on payment and there will be an online examination of 60 questions, approximately one week prior to your attendance on the course, this will enable us to establish you fully understand the subject.


 A 85% pass mark is required for you to move on to the main module which is the course itself.


*Please note that all of the answers will be in the module, there will not be any trick questions.



This One Day Diploma also leads you to an Insurance Recognised Qualification


What will you learn?


  • Introduction to Indian Head Massage

  • Thorough Anatomy & Physiology for Indian Head Massage

  • Conditions affecting the Head, Neck and Shoulders

  • Consultation for Indian Head Massage

  • Contraindications

  • Thorough Indian Head Massage Techniques



During the day there will be lots of hands on practice so that you are competent when you leave


When you have passed the course we will email you a copy of your Diploma or for just £10 extra we will give you one to take away on the day, which includes our Impressive Gold Embossed Seal/Stamp that will look great framed on your wall.




A non refundable deposit of £25 required via the buy it now button

If for any reason you cannot attend you can use your deposit for any future courses,please see our home page for details






When you have purchased please email:

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