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Neuro Linguistic Practitioner Diploma

5 days


Early bird offer


if booked before 30 August








How to build rapport quickly and effectively

How to develop incredible sensory acuity

The presuppositions of NLP and the communication model

The structure of thinking - using modalities and sub modalities

The 'Swish' pattern - for quickly changing unwanted habits 
Changing beliefs

Powerful language patterns - the 'meta model' and the 'Milton model'

Anchoring - how to transform negative emotions and have resourceful states whenever you want them

Time Line Techniques - dealing with negative emotions quickly and easily

Parts Integration - dealing with internal conflict

Dealing with phobias in minutes

Eliciting and utilising strategies - making decisions.

You will be sent Modules 1 & 2 and expected to study these for 6 weeks prior to attendance.

A non refundable deposit of £50 required to confirm your place

If for any reason you cannot attend you can use your deposit for any future courses,please see our home page for details



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When you have purchased please email

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