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We have designed this course to give everyone a chance to learn Reflexology, especially those of you currently in a job or everyday people leading a hectic lifestyle that does not leave you much time to attend courses such as our intensive Diploma.


As this is an online course you can study in the comfort of your own home anytime you feel in the mood for learning. It is also designed to be accessed via smart phones/tablets etc.


There are numerous techniques spread over 7 modules so you can progress through the course at your own pace.


You will be sent one module at a time.


There is no time limit at all for you to complete the modules, we prefer you to go at your own learning pace enabling you to embrace and enjoy the course much more, although for our insurers benefit we prefer you to study each module for a minimum of a month before you are sent the questions as this gives you more time to understand, grasp and embrace the module.


You will be given an online test after each Module and your answers will be assessed by your own personal tutor and feedback given. If they feel the need for you to revisit the module this is free of charge and can be done as many times as is needed to show us that you fully understand the concept and you can then move on to the next module.


After Module 7 you will be asked to upload videos of yourself performing various aspects of what you have learnt which will be chosen by your assessor. This must include photgraphic proof of identity.

Although you can take as long as you want to complete the diploma, the minimum study for you to complete this course would be 4 months.


Once your tutor is happy that all of the modules have been completed to a satisfactory standard as recognised by Massage & Beauty UK then you will receive an electronic certificate confirming that you are now a Reflexologist.


This course as with all of our Massage courses is recognised by Massage & Beauty UK and will enable you to get public and professional indemnity insurance with a major Insurance Company who recognise us as leading Professional Trainers.


We very much look forward to teaching you to a World Class Standard and thank you for choosing us as your training providers.




Introduction to Reflexology Diploma


Module 1

The history of reflexology

Natural Healing and the benefits of reflexology

Self-study question paper


Module 2

Meridians and systems of the body

Self-study question paper


Module 3

Anatomy and conditions of the feet

Self-study question paper


Module 4

Zones and reflex points

Self-study question paper


Module 5

Contra-Indications to reflexology

Self-study task


Module 6

Reflexology techniques

Self-study task


Module 7

The Reflexology Sequence

Closing down the treatment

After care advice

Case study evidence

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