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Think Yourself Slim 

No Diet Mindfulness Weight Loss 













Diets DO NOT WORK, Weighing yourself daily or weekly DOES NOT WORK


Let Sean guide you through 15 Modules and 13 Mind Changing Exercises to Lose Weight & Keep it Off


  • 1:Mind Programming: What is the reason you are overweight? Do you blame yourself?

  • 2:Hungry Eating: Do you eat because you are hungry or through habit?

  • 3:The Forbidden Truth: We like to do the opposite of what we are forced to do

  • 4:Learn To Enjoy Your Food: Do you even notice what you are eating?

  • 5:Hunger Scale: Are you actually hungry or thirsty?

  • 6:The Scales: Why weigh yourself?

  • 7:Is It Really That Easy To Lose Weight? 

  • 8:Habits & Willpower: Reprogramme your mind

  • 9:I Am Destined To Always Be Overweight: This is what most obese people think

  • 10:Start Thinking Yourself Slim: Time to make that change

  • 11:Repetition: Believe you can every day, even when you are feeling down

  • 12:Emotional Eating: This is the main cause of obesity in the UK

  • 13:Mirror: Avoid or enjoy?

  • 14:Metabolism: What actually is this?

  • 15:Cravings: Time to eliminate those cravings


Get 2 Free MP3 Audio Recodings personally voiced by Sean Casey-Poole

Why do this as a Diploma?

By doing this as a Diploma it gives you more Motivation to succeed and seeing the Certificate will keep you Focussed 

We ask you to study this Diploma for at least 6 weeks and then email us for your 40 questions

There is a pass mark of 65% on this course

You can attempt the questions as many times as you want until you reach the pass mark

Once you have passed you will be emaiiled a Free certificate, however for just £10 you can receive a printed version which includes our Gold College Seal and is personally signed by Sean



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