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2-day Level 3 Swedish Massage Therapist Diploma Course
(no previous experience required for this diploma)
Cost: £315 per person

April 20-21

Courses run from 10am-5pm

Only 6 students per course to ensure individual attention. Places are allocated on a first-come, first served basis; but we do run a waiting list when places have been filled.



This is a Level 3 Swedish Massage diploma & CPD course.

It is an ideal course as a route into professional massage therapy.

As with all our courses, this course is recognised by Westminster Indemnity Insurance Ltd, and on successful completion you will be able to apply to obtain both public & professional indemnity insurance as a qualified Professional Massage Therapist.


The course content will provide the foundation for your inauguration into the role of the massage therapist and an amazing opportunity to become a professional masseur/masseuse. It will also provide you with a sound knowledge and understanding of Anatomy & Physiology (via our 81-page Anatomy & Physiology Module 1 booklet, which will be sent to you prior to the course). It is a prerequisite that you familiarise yourself with the information before your attendance.  The vocabulary might be a bit daunting to start with, but there is a bigger picture, which is important for you to grasp.  There is no need to be overwhelmed by the big words! Once you are on the course it will all fall into place.


There is a scheduled, supported assessment based on this information on the first day of the course, which forms the building blocks of everything else we do. The intention is to clarify purpose, aims and fundamental skills upon which all further study and growth is based. Many people are frightened by the thought of the academic content – but that is not necessary: our aim is to teach you in a way you will understand and that will give you the confidence to thrive and to succeed. You do not have to be an academic to pass this - and the expected 85% outcome is easily achievable for everyone.  You are allowed access to the Module document (either electronic or your own printed version – whichever works best for you) so that you can refer to that whilst you do the quiz; and your tutors will be on hand to support you too.


*Please note that all answers to the questions will be in the module documentation: there are no trick questions.


The course is very practical, hands on and lots of fun in a relaxed and non-threatening environment. There are multiple opportunities to ask questions and practise the skills you are learning about.


When you have passed the course, we will email you a copy of your Diploma; or for an additional £10 we will give you a hard copy take away on the day, complete with our embossed gold seal that would look great, framed, on your wall.




Module 1: Anatomy & Physiology


The Building Blocks of Life

The Skin

The Skeleton

The Muscles

The Circulatory System

The Lymphatic System

The Nervous System

The Respiratory System

The Digestive System

The Urinary System

The Reproductive System


Module 2: Massage Diploma


History of Massage

Tools of The Trade




Massage Strokes

Contra Indications

Swedish Massage Techniques

Building Your Business

Ethics - Foundations For a Successful Career

Clinical Assessment

Client History


Added Bonus: Free of Charge, 7 Real Life Videos Showing You Lots of Different Massage Techniques

Payment options:

Pay £300 now (£15 discount) - or

Pay £50 (non-refundable) deposit to secure your place on the course: and the balance of £265 on the first day of the course.

A non refundable deposit of £50 required via the buy it now button



Pay £300 now

We accept all major credit & debit cards

When you have purchased please email

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