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We offer Swedish, Sports, Deep tissue, Hot stone, Warm bamboo, Aromatherapy and a good old pampering massage.

If you see a massage you like click on the buy now button and then call 024 7663 0790 or email to make an appointment.

If you wish to gift a massage, just purchase as above and we can easily email or send you a gift certificate.

Until your actual Appointment we cannot guarantee the sex of your therapist



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Swedish massage focuses on improving circulation of blood and lymph and relaxing superficial muscles.


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Sports massage is a type of massage therapy that has been specifically developed for sports performance.

This type of massage is applied at a much deeper level into the tissues in order to stimulate the muscular and nervous systems.


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Deep tissue massage works by physically breaking down adhesions (bands of painful, rigid tissue) in muscles, tendons, and ligaments. Adhesions can block circulation and cause pain, limited movement, and inflammation.


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The heat of the stones penetrates deep into the muscle tissue allowing the muscles to relax 4-5 times quicker than in a standard body massage, easing muscle tension and revitalising the muscle tissue by increasing blood circulation.

The deep relaxation and increased blood flow to the areas being worked not only accelerates any healing processes but also creates a state of deep mental relaxation.


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Warm bamboo massage is a deep tissue, tension easing treatment in which bamboo canes are heated and moved across the body using specialist techniques to stretch muscle, release fascia and bring about a feeling of calm.


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Aromatherapy is a massage treatment with the controlled use of aromatic essential oils. This aims to produce a physical, spiritual, emotional and mental sense of well being. The oils are aromatic substances that have been extracted from various plant materials such as flowers.


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Reflexology is the application of appropriate pressure to specific points and areas on the feet, hands, or ears. We believe that these areas and reflex points correspond to different body organs and systems, and that pressing them has a beneficial effect on the organs and person's general health.


 What are the benefits of a regular massage?


  • Relieves stress

  • Reduces fatigue

  • Loosens tight muscles

  • Improves sleep quality

  • Improves circulation

  • Relieves pain

  • Boosts your immunity

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Hopi Ear Candling


Hopi ear candling makes use of the simple laws of science. When the candle is inserted into the ear and lit the flame creates a vacuum drawing wax, candida, yeast and other debris from the ear canal into the hollow candle. This vacuum is caused by the warm air from the flame and colder air moving through its hollow centre. The movement and compression between the ear canal and the candle chamber generate air flow acting like a chimney. It is this that generates the "sucking" action. It also stimulates energy points and reflex zones.


Hopi ear candling can help various conditions including:

  • Migraines

  • Tinnutis

  • Snoring

  • Hay fever

  • Compacted ear wax

  • Sore throats

  • Sinusitis

For just £40

Why not have a pampering massage combined with the soothing & relaxing sensation of hopi ear candling?



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The above are just a few of the therapies we do at Serene Mind & Body


We have therapists working from Serene that are experts in Counselling, Indian head massage, Reiki, Crystal healing, Reflexology and Psychic development.


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Terms & Conditions of bookings.  48 hour cancellation policy. No refunds will be offered if you cancel your appointment less than 48 hours before your actual appointment time.

For massage we cannot guarantee the requested male or female choice of your therapist unless this is for religious grounds. No refunds or cancellations will be accepted on this basis.

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